Oliver Rd Transmitter Site

The Musick Memorial Radio Station at Musick Point was originally a receiving station only. The transmitters were located three kilometres to the south, in Oliver Road.

The transmitter building was located at the approximate location of what is today a home at 6 Villa Court (see map below).

Operators at Musick Point were connected to the transmitters (keying and audio circuits) via two telephone cables laid along different routes for redundancy.

Auckland Radio transmitter building
Auckland Radio transmitter building in Oliver Rd, 29 Aug 1946. Photo: Whites Aviation, Alexander Turnbull Library
Auckland Radio transmitter building in Oliver Road
Auckland Radio transmitter building in Oliver Road

The transmitting station was built in the same Modern style as the Memorial Station. In 1946 it housed 18 transmitters, the largest of which was a three-kilowatt unit for aircraft communications, while the smallest was 100 watts.

After aircraft communications moved to Mangere in 1972, the transmitter site continued to provide 500 kHz radiotelegraph service for shipping as well as high-frequency voice communications with ships and lighthouses.

Auckland Radio transmitter building
Transmitter building. Photo: Paul Chamberlin
Transmitter site, with Telecom van
Transmitter site, with Telecom van. Photo: Paul Chamberlin

After Auckland Radio closed in 1993, the transmitter building was razed. The transmitters were rescued by radio amateurs and moved to the Musick Memorial Radio Station where they are now maintained by the Musick Point Radio Group.

Auckland Radio’s Oliver Rd transmitter building shortly before it was demolished
The transmitter building, shortly before it was demolished. The towers had already been removed.
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