Feb: Jock White Amateur Radio Field Day 1997

By Ann Walker ZL1TRH

ZL1BFB got permission from the MED to use their van, and the OK from the VHF Group to operate as Branch 66.

The club’s callsign ZL1KH was used.

The rally dipole and mast, along with a large 12V battery, were thrown into the back of the van. The Kenwood 450, plus food and drink went into the car. Then off we headed to the top of Mt Roskill, all of five kilometres away from home.

We parked in the carpark on top of the hill, set up the mast and dipole just on 3 o’clock, and we were in business.

With the help of Kevin ZL1UDD over the next five hours many contacts were made on 80 metres.

At 8.30pm we reluctantly packed up for the night, but we were back on site by 9 o’clock the next morning for another go.

Ian and I worked 80 metres until about 1pm when other commitments forced us to pack up.

The final outcome was 201 contacts with about 40 multipliers, a very interesting and satisfactory outcome given that the aerial was not tuned for the frequency and we only worked have of the 18 hours of the event.