RCA NZPO 351 transmitter

  • Power output: 250 watts
  • Modes: CW, AM
  • Frequency range:
  • Output valves: 4x 805s
  • Date:
  • Status: Operational

This transmitter was at the station in the early 1950s. It was the standby transmitter for the island services.

We have brought it into operation after a search for final tubes, the original ones having lost all their emission. All wiring has been thoroughly checked and found to be intact. being a single-phase mains operation it was easy to have the set warmed up and tested into a dummy load.

The transmitter normally ran on a fixed crystal frequency in the oscillator. This can still be done but has been slightly modified and can now be fed by a variable VFO from the operating console upstairs. The output of this transmitter is fed by coaxial line to the antenna patch panel.

When the audio controller (PTT) line is operated, the antenna change over relay takes the TX to “on air” and shorts out the RX position. Therefore the same antenna can be used for one operation. This transmitter will run at 100 watts maximum CW and has a 100 watt carrier on AM.

The makers of the transmitter report in the manual that it is capable of transmitting at 100 wpm CW. We’re looking for the operator who can prove that. 🙂

RCA 1301 marine radio transmitter
RCA 1301 marine radio transmitter at the Musick Memorial Radio Station

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