Vintage receivers

Musick Point Radio Group has a large collection of shortwave receivers. Several were part of the Auckland Radio ZLD equipment over the years, while others were donated by MPRG members or the general public.

Here are just a few of them. (More will added when the webmaster gets some spare time!)

For more information about each receiver, click on its photo.

Lowe HF-235 receiverLowe HF-235 receiver

  • Frequency range: 30 kc/s – 30 Mc/s
  • Modes: CW, AM, SSB and FM
  • Era:

Eddystone EC1680/2 500 kHz receiverEddystone EC1680/2 receivers

  • Frequency range: 7 channels in the 400-535 kc/s range
  • Modes: CW, MCW, FSK
  • Era:

Marconi receiverMarconi Marine receiver

  • Frequency range: 100 kc/s – 31 Mc/s
  • Modes: CW, AM, SSB
  • Era:

Codan 7004 fixed frequency receivers at Musick Point Radio ZL1ZLDCodan 7004 single channel receivers

  • Frequency range: Fixed frequencies in the Marine HF bands
  • Mode: USB
  • Era:

Redifon R50M/FS receiverRedifon R50M/FS receivers

  • Frequency range: 13.5 kc/s – 26 kc/s and 95 kc/s – 32 Mc/s
  • Modes: CW and AM
  • Era: 1950s

Murphy B40 receiverMurphy B40 receiver

  • Variant: “B”
  • Circuit: Single-conversion superheterodyne with two RF stages
  • Frequency range: 600 kc/s – 30.2 Mc/s
  • Modes: CW and AM
  • Era: 1953-1956
  • Weight: 46kg (101 lbs)

Marconi CSR5 receiverMarconi CSR 5 receiver

  • Frequency range:
  • Modes:
  • Built: 1944

National HRO receiver made in New Zealand by Collier and BealeHRO receivers

  • Frequency range:
  • Modes:
  • Built: 1943

RCA AR-88 receiver

  • with the rare S-meter

ZLD at the time of its closure also had JRC NRD-515 receivers and three Collins 51S-1 general coverage HF receivers, which were sold.