Ground Floor

East Wing


Electronics Workshop at Musick Memorial Radio Station
There's always lots to work on at Musick Point.

Leaving the foyer and heading east, the first room is the workshop where all the portable equipment can be serviced.

MPRG members have collected a wide range of test equipment for this purpose, either purchased, donated or lent (for which we are most grateful, as without it the equipment could not be made operational).

Spares for much of the transmitting and receiving equipment are stored in the cupboards and under the workbench. There are several servicing trolleys so the heavier equipment can be wheeled in to position, freeing up bench space. One filing unit has been utilised to store all the technical data. This makes it easier to locate circuitry when required in a hurry.

Test equipment includes dummy loads, frequency counters, signal generators, solder irons large and small, volt-ohm meters and lots more. Enough to say it is well equipped.

Trunk Room

The next room along the corridor is called the Trunk Room, and here Telecom have their service to Ponui and Chamberlain Islands. Originally used as a storage room it has now been cleared so Telecom can use it for cellular telephone equipment.

The Garage

At the end of the corridor is the garage. Originally used as the station garage, it later held the motor generator to power the station in an emergency. The generator was sold and removed after the station closed. Now the space is used to store large items and also a serviceable lathe.

This room suffered a break-in several years ago, with the offenders using large bolts from the room to throw through the upstairs windows. The door now takes about 10 minutes to unbolt and is considered to be similar to Fort Knox.

West Wing

One room (formerly the Superintendent’s Room), has been transformed into a library, lecture room (seating about 20 persons max) or a study room. The cupboards store the valve supplies, the surplus of which we sell to provide funds to carry on the modifications to the equipment and keep the station operative.

A former kitchen area, is now a storage space as there is no mains water and the sink taps have been removed. The cupboards and the room now provide handy storage space for items, which can only be classed as “miscellaneous.”

The room classed as the “Sick Bay” (which can still be used for this purpose) holds all the filing cabinets and service records that were forwarded from Palmerston North, Makara and Hamilton radio depots after they had been closed down. All these are historical records and hold lots of information yet to be sorted.

Near the front door are stairs leading down to the gent’s toilet and shower room used by the PO staff in the old days. Unfortunately, all the brass fittings and the external taps and pipes were removed from the building and disposed of, which was disappointing as they were apart of the original station. This room has now been completely sealed off, as it is unusable. At the foot of this stairwell is a trap door, which leads to the cable ducting for some of the services for the building. During heavy rain when the outside court yard floods the water tracks down the ducting into the stairwell space and has been seen at 18in depth. It does drain away eventually via the floor drain in the shower room.

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