Main room

The main room on the 1st floor is where Musick Point Radio Group members hold their monthly meetings.

The original Supervisor’s desk remains and has a CSR5 Receiver and a 2 metre set on top, along with the various bits of paper that have an affinity for desks of this type. (i.e. the larger the space the more paper is attracted to it).

The main receiving room takes up just over half the area of the first floor. Various pictures and memorabilia connected with the building are displayed on the walls.

The operating desk has two transceivers, an antenna change over switch, a map desk, (not yet in operation), a spare 19 inch rack with a Redifon R50M receiver and power supply.

Morse keys and microphones are installed on the desk for the two transceivers.

From this room sliding doors lead into the east and west operating rooms.

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