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1939: Promotional film produced for New Zealand Post Office

Auckland Radio ZLD working Tarihiko ZMLP in the 1980s or early 1990s on 2182kHz

Auckland Radio ZLD announcing a gale warning on 500 kHz (date unknown)
UNCQ (name unknown) calling Auckland Radio ZLD on 500 kHz (date unknown)

If you can identify this vessel by name, please contact the editor.

30 Sep 1993: Closure of Auckland Radio ZLD

Scenes from around the station on its final day of operation

Interviews with Auckland Radio ZLD staff on closing day

13 Mar 2010: ZL1ZLD at Musick Point reactivates Morse Code on 512 kHz

Unfortunately, several statements by the TV reporter are incorrect.

29 Sep 2013: 20th Anniversary of the Closure of Auckland Radio ZLD

Video from an amateur radio operator in Spain

9 Oct 2016: ZL1ZLD works K6KPH at coast station KPH San Francisco

24 Jun 2017: ZL1ZLD on 475 kHz (Recorded at ZL1NZ)

Around Musick Memorial Radio Station

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