1939: Promotional film produced for New Zealand Post Office

Auckland Radio ZLD working Tarihiko ZMLP in the 1980s or early 1990s on 2182kHz

30 Sep 1993: Closure of Auckland Radio ZLD

Scenes from around the station on its final day of operation

Interviews with Auckland Radio ZLD staff on closing day

13 Mar 2010: ZL1ZLD at Musick Point reactivates Morse Code on 512 kHz

Unfortunately, several statements by the TV reporter are incorrect.

29 Sep 2013: 20th Anniversary of the Closure of Auckland Radio ZLD

Video from an amateur radio operator in Spain

9 Oct 2016: ZL1ZLD works K6KPH at coast station KPH San Francisco

24 Jun 2017: ZL1ZLD on 475 kHz (Recorded at ZL1NZ)

Around Musick Memorial Radio Station

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