Feb: Jock White Amateur Radio Field Day 2017

By Ann Walker ZL1BFB

A reasonable turn out for Field Day this year with operators Peter ZL1AAM, Paul ZL1BBR (up from Hawke’s Bay), Barbara ZL1UFT, John ZL1BGQ , Mark Hillary (on a learning curve with logging) , Ann ZL1BFB entering the log sheets into Excel, and moral support from Dave ZL1BNM on Saturday and Sunday.

Contacts were noticeably down from last year, perhaps due to the fact that several regular participating clubs appear not to have taken part this year.

Working as a home station we had 252 contacts with 24 multipliers.

Although this took some of the fun out of erecting tents and antennas, it certainly made for a less stressful weekend for all concerned, especially when we were able to virtually lock everything up and sort things out later in the week. And for once, I don’t think I left anything behind at home. Hi hi.