2011 News

News from Musick Point Radio Group

Musick Point from the northeast
Musick Point from the northeast on 22 Feb 2011. Photo: Graham and Dairne on Flickr

Jan: Surplus items moved from the generator room to the garage for later disposal.

Feb: Coastwatcher John Jones visits Musick Point.

Mar: MED (Ministry of Economic Development) informed us that we would no longer be permitted to use the callsigns ZL1ZLD and ZL1ZLF as of 1 March, as the Z-series of suffixes were being reserved for other uses. Appeals for reconsideration were unsuccessful. We have been told that we can use ZL1VLF.

May: After strong lobbying by the group, NZART and our local MP, MED has relented and we are again allocated the callsigns ZL1ZLD and ZL1ZLF.

11 Sep: Coastwatcher John Jones returns to Musick Point with his granddaughter Jamie who records a video interview with him

19 Nov: Mini hamfest and junk sale at Musick Point, including a special “Buy in Bulk” offer of items from our garage at $1 per kilo!

30 Nov: Cliff Lord and his son Stephen visit the Musick Memorial Radio Station. Cliff is co-author of the book Invaluable service: The secret history of New Zealand’s signals intelligence during two world wars, which features signals work at Musick Point.

On the same date, the power limit for New Zealand amateur radio stations increased from 500 watts to 1000 watts PEP on most of the most popular bands.