2011 Events

History of Musick Point Radio Group

January: Surplus items moved from the generator room to the garage for later disposal.

February: Coastwatcher John Jones visits Musick Point.

March: MED (Ministry of Economic Development) informed us that we would no longer be permitted to use the callsigns ZL1ZLD and ZL1ZLF as of 1 March, as the Z-series of suffixes were being reserved for other uses. Appeals for reconsideration were unsuccessful. We have been told that we can use ZL1VLF.

May: After strong lobbying by the group, NZART and our local MP, MED has relented and we are again allocated the callsigns ZL1ZLD and ZL1ZLF.

11 September: Coastwatcher John Jones returns to Musick Point with his granddaughter Jamie who records a video interview with him

19 November: Mini hamfest and junk sale at Musick Point, including a special “Buy in Bulk” offer of items from our garage at $1 per kilo!

30 November: Cliff Lord and his son Stephen visit the Musick Memorial Radio Station. Cliff is co-author of the book Invaluable service: The secret history of New Zealand’s signals intelligence during two world wars, which features signals work at Musick Point.