Jan 2002: Radio hams put Musick Pt back on the air

New Zealand Herald, 11 Jan 2002

Sixty years after it was officially opened, the Musick Point communications station in east Auckland will go back on the air today – with at least one of the original operators on hand.

The radio station, in Bucklands Beach, was closed in 1995 [1993, actually. -Ed], but a group of amateur radio operators has restored some of the equipment and plans to use it to communicate with other hams around the country today.

Ian Walker, of the Suburban Amateur Radio Club, says about a dozen radio operators will take to the airwaves using Morse code and voice communications.

Guest of honour will be Frank Gedye, who was an operator when the station was dedicated on January 12, 1942.

The Musick Point radio station was established to communicate with ships and aircraft and was named after Captain Edwin Musick, who piloted the first Pan American clipper flight from North America to New Zealand in 1937.