Jul: Letter from Harold Boyd ZL1CH

16 July 2001

Dear Ann ZL1TRH

It was both unexpected and nice to receive your acknowledgment on behalf of the SAR Club Branch 86 for which I thank you.

I certainly did enjoy my Musick Point visit as it is many years since I was last in the then establishment and completely forgotten that George Scull was the first manager of the station – the plaque on the wall caught my attention! On the other hand, names like Jack Hogan and George Quigg are quite vividly retained.

It was George Scull who with his assistant George Robins who examined me at Druleigh College when I sat the Radio Telephone Marine Examination, being successful in obtaining my F/C PMG certificate back in 1931.

Reminiscing, it was not until some 18 years or so later that I had my first Marine QSO with ZLD, although Radio (1936) Ltd had an Experimental Licence in my name (ZL1XR) which we used for R/T frequency checking on 2182 kHz, and certain US Army frequencies. Apart from short periods as a relief R/O at local “B” Class Broadcasting Stations and a couple of same for the Union Steamship Co. during the latter stages of WWII on coastal vessels – receiving only! – RL operated a BC station, also 1XR, which Jack Orbell ZL1AX was involved. Have a photo of the small transmitter somewhere, believe it was about 20 watts.

Regards to David, Eric and Doug M, etc., and keep up the good work all are undertaking, as I realise the considerable amount of work there is to be done in the years ahead to re-establish the station to its former glory as a memorial for all time to both the N.Z.P. & T. Department and Captain Musick and his crew’s misfortune in their pioneering venture.


Harold A Boyd ZL1CH