The Group

Musick Point Radio Group Inc (MPRG) is an association of licensed amateur (ham) radio operators with an interest in protecting and maintaining the historic Musick Memorial Radio Station as a memorial and radio communications facility.

Until April 2012, MPRG was known as the Suburban Amateur Radio Club.

  • Chairman: David Radue ZL1DRV
  • Secretary: Dave Larcombe ZL1DL
  • Treasurer: Dave Larcombe ZL1DL

Any six financial members plus two elected officers present at any general meeting

Technical Advisor

  • Dennis Seymour ZL1UET
Advisory Committee
  • Rick Taylor ZL1WOT
  • Peter Scott ZL1AAM
  • Paul Chamberlin ZL1BBR
Newsletter Editor
  • Martyn Seay ZL3CK

The club would like to invite former technicians and operators to join in the challenge of restoring and working with this equipment again, even though it may have been modified for amateur use.

MPRG is Branch 86 of the New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters and hosts the ZL1 QSL Bureau.

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