Lowe HF-235 receiver

Lowe HF-235 receiver
Lowe HF-235 receiver at ZL1ZLD
  • Frequency range: 30 kc/s – 30 Mc/s
  • Modes: CW, AM, SSB and FM
  • Era:

The Lowe HF-235 is on loan to Musick Point Radio Group from ZL1WOT.

It is an enhanced, rack mounted version of the HF-225.

The digital LCD readout is to 0.1 kHz (100 Hz).

It features 30 memories, attenuator, recording jack, 200 Hz audio CW Filter, dual VFOs, keypad, RS232 Port, FM squelch, backlit display, mute line, tone control, recorder activation, dual clock timer, 1 MHz up-down tuning. selectivity: 10/7/4/2.2 kHz.

The Lowe HF-235 receiver is currently at the 500 kHz operating desk.

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