ZL1 QSL Bureau

ZL1 QSL BureauThe ZL1 QSL Bureau is located at the Musick Memorial Radio Station where we are fortunate enough to have a room dedicated for the purpose, complete with former Post Office pigeon holes for the sorted QSL cards.

The sorting is done by Peter (ZL1AAM) and Brenda, the QSL managers for District 1.

Cards arrive in a 5 kilo box from Barry ZL2RR about every 6 weeks.

Upon opening they are sorted using the first letter of the suffix in the call sign, into the first file box of pigeon holes.

ZL1 QSL Bureau
Some callsigns or addresses need to be checked on the computer.

Then each box of cards is fine sorted into individual calls. This then makes them ready for sorting into postage or club box sorting, at which time they may have to be checked against the computer records. This is where the second pigeon sorting box is used.

ZL1 QSL BureauAs can be seen some clubs have their letter box full to overflowing at times. When full, the clubs are sometimes willing to call and collect their bundle of cards where as others out of district get theirs by postage.

Some Amateurs prefer to have their cards sent direct and provide a SAE or prepaid courier envelope. It’s a great memory exercise trying to remember which call sign goes where.

Although the QSL Bureau is an NZART service for members, we have discovered that there is a certain amount of “piggy-backing” by non-members, who are not listed.

There are always some callsigns / cards which are untraceable – these are held for a time, after which they are reluctantly discarded. It has been suggested that these could be passed on to a school or kindergarten – a practical addition to a geography lesson as well as highlighting amateur radio throughout the world.

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