2nd Floor

On the floor above the kitchen in the tower are the original transmitter and receiver racks. These three racks held the old Post office standby VHF Maritime equipment and linking units. In the left hand rack is the 145.775 Mhz amateur repeater network with the associated VHF filters.

The centre rack has disused PYE equipment now long out of service, and these have been left for the radio club to do what ever to them. As they operate on a 24 volt DC mains supply there is no urgency on making alterations to them. The crystals required would be a considerable cost to the club, so we are not that much in a hurry. The third section of the rack holds the surplus 50k/cs and 25k/cs VHF equipment, used in the days of VHF AM Transmissions. They are on the old “A” and “B” bands, some of which are now used for FM Broadcast commercial stations. This is almost a forgotten art. Nowadays it’s all FM and 12.5k/cs.

We have literally hundreds of radio valves that have been obtained for sale to boost club funds. Future projects include checking and restoring a collection of Old Post Office transmitters and receivers currently in storage along with a collection of equipment previously used by the Post Office Radio Inspectors for use with the historical Radio Regulations. These are the signal measuring equipment for LF, HF, and VHF Bands, along with a portable DF used on the lower Broadcast bands. When time allows it is hoped that it can be operated as a working display.

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