Memorials to Captain Edwin Musick

These are some of the memorials to Captain Edwin C Musick, pioneer aviator.

Brass medallions honour Captain Edwin Musick

Brass medallions honour Captain Edwin Musick at the Musick Memorial Radio Station

1. Musick Memorial Radio Station, a long-range marine and aviation communications centre in the suburb of Bucklands Beach, Auckland, New Zealand. This historic radio station was in service from 1939 to 1993, and is now maintained by the Musick Point Radio Group.

2. Musick Point, is the name given to Te Naupata, a pensinsula in the eastern Auckland suburb of Bucklands Beach. Acquired by the Crown following an investigation into land dealings by the early missionary William Fairburn, the site was used for grazing as late as the 1950s. In the late 1930s, Te Naupata Point was one of five strategic locations for a national communications network that facilitated the introduction of international air services to New Zealand in 1940. Following the loss of the Pan American Airways’ flying boat en route to New Zealand in 1938, the New Zealand government instructed that a planned radio operations building be designed as a memorial to Captain Musick.

3. The Musick Memorial Trophy, financed by public donations in Auckland in 1938, is displayed at Auckland’s International Airport Terminal.

Originally awarded for the most valuable contribution to safety in the air and most efficient aircraft operations with special regard to trans-ocean flying, the trophy was last awarded in 1957.

Prior to its return to Auckland in 1975, it was displayed at New York’s Kennedy Airport for eight years.

Musick Memorial Trophy

Musick Memorial Trophy

Top of the Musick Memorial Trophy

Top of the Musick Memorial Trophy

4. Liberty Ship Edwin Musick, hull number 2749, was launched on 11 February 1944 at Richmond, California and served in World War 2. The ship was broken up in 1958. There were 2,711 Liberty ships built as cargo vessels supporting the US war effort.

5. Kanton Island memorial, sometimes referred to as a “lighthouse” on Kanton, in the Phoenix Group of Kiribati.