1938: Samoan Clipper lost over ocean

New Zealand Herald, 14 January 1938

Loss of the Samoan Clipper with her entire crew of seven, under the command of Captain Edwin Musick, was announced yesterday by Pan American Airways.

The Clipper took off from Pago Pago Harbour, American Samoa, at 4.32 Wednesday morning, New Zealand time, on the final stage of her southward flight, and she was expected to arrive at Auckland late yesterday afternoon. During the morning word was received that the flying-boat had turned back for Pago Pago, owing to the fact that an oil leak had developed, but after that no radio messages were received.

A Press Association cablegram from Pago Pago says:

The USS Avocet has returned from her search for the Clipper, bringing bits of wreckage and burned clothing, the smallness of which is regarded as bearing out the belief that the Clipper was destroyed by a terrific explosion. No bodies were found, and it is believed they never will be found.

And here is the article as originally printed:

New Zealand Herald reports on the loss of Captain Edwin Musick and the crew of the Samoas Clipper