Technical information

Auckland Radio ZLD SSB desk at Musick Point
The SSB operating desk at Auckland Radio ZLD shortly before the station closed. Operator Tony Graham is filling in the log. Photo: Paul Chamberlain
Tony Graham describes the equipment seen in the photo above

Red, grey and black up, down switches above the JRC receiver were our fixed frequency Codan receivers housed on the ground floor. Up position was to the speakers, down was to our headphones.

Two yellow/green push in buttons next to my Head: one was for the 2182 transmitter, the other 2207 kHz. Buttons above were HT on and HT off, red on, white off, etc.

Buttons obscured by my head: Same as above, but had choices of 4125, 4146, 6215, 6224(?) and a couple more freqs?

Buttons above my head: A Harris Transmitter with most of the frequencies already mentioned plus a few extra.

Three Green Buttons one above each other between transmitters: VHF channels 16, 68 and 71. We monitored them on speaker, but when someone called, we could click the button to put it to headphones.

VHF Radio above the Westpac Sticker: A marine VHF transceiver that had its whip aerial on top of the Musick Point Tower – used as a spare and because of the height of the tower, did a pretty good job.

Our 2182 kHz Receiver was located on Great Barrier Island and had a UHF link (I think) back to the mainland, I think via the Warkworth Satellite Station.

I have an idea in later years perhaps the Great Barrier 2182 kHz receiver stopped and removed to the Warkworth area or I could be confusing that with the Warkworth Satellite Station, where the UHF link from Great Barrier terminated.

Auckland Radio ZLD 2182 kc/s desk, pictured in 1958.
Auckland Radio ZLD 2182 kc/s radiotelephone desk, pictured in 1958.

In the photo above, are 3 AM receivers. At the left is a Redifon R50M, and at the right are two CSR5 receivers by Marconi Canada.

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