Auckland Radio 1970-1979


Auckland aviation radio (ZLF) moved from Musick Point to Mangere airport.


In May it was proposed to partition the first floor of the Musick Memorial Radio Station into three rooms for radio operators.

Collins 51S-1 (left) and Codan fixed frequency receivers with remote clarifiers
Collins 51S-1 (left) and Codan fixed frequency receivers with remote clarifiers. Photo (left): Allesmüller

In June, the Superintending Engineer (Radio) wrote to the Regional Engineer for Auckland, advising that Auckland Radio would soon be getting a fixed-tuned Codan receiver for evaluation on 4 MHz. Apparently operators at Auckland Radio had complained that it took too long to change frequencies on the Collins 51S-1 receivers. 1

Aerials at Musick Point receiving station, updated 1976
Aerials at Musick Point receiving station, updated 1976. Click to enlarge.
Collier and Beale 873 marine radio transmitter
Collier and Beale 873

On 5 July, BT Harnett, Chief Technician (Radio), wrote to the Division Engineer advising that Auckland Radio ZLD transmitter 873 (100 watt Collier & Beale) was failing, and proposing that it be replaced temporarily by retired transmitter 1301 (250 watt RCA).

On 15 September, the Post Office Regional Engineer wrote to the Manager of Auckland Radio (Dennis Horan) advising that there would be no temporary replacement for the 2045kHz Collier & Beale 873 transmitter which had been reported as close to failure on 5 July. Auckland Radio would, therefore, not be able to continue operating on 2045kHz.

Three days later, on 18 September, the Regional Engineer offered transmitter 873 to the Museum of Transportation & Technology in Auckland.

DE Horan, Manager, Auckland Radio ZLD
Dennis Horan
This dismayed the Chief Technician (Radio), BT Harnett, who wanted the transmitter kept for a proposed museum at Musick Point, and the manager of Auckland Radio, Dennis Horan, who wanted it kept in service until it no longer worked, since he had no other transmitter to cover 2045 kHz. Both men wrote to the Divisional Engineer. (The results are not known, although transmitter 873 is now in the transmitter collection of Musick Point Radio Group.)

On 24 July, DF Ervine, Overseer – Lines, wrote to the Regional Engineer’s Office to reiterate his concern over the condition of two towers at the Auckland Radio transmitter site, fearing that riggers would refuse to climb them.

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1. Letter, 11 June 1974. Archives NZ, Auckland